Sept 2016

Don Kobasky slouched in a chair in front of a training room inside an HSN studio in St. Petersburg. He was the only one of more than a dozen who did not seem nervous to be there.

He stood out in his neon yellow T-shirt and wore sunglasses on his head. The other contestants wore high heels and sharp dresses or suits. Kobasky had dried paint flecks under his fingernails. Unlike more than 70 other contestants who flew or drove from all over the country to get to HSN’s headquarters last week, Kobasky lives right down the street.

In the training room, the contestants listened to advice on pitching their products from HSN employees, including Bill Green, who has worked on-air at the company for more than 20 years. Green told contestants to sell their story. He told them to show off their personality. He warned them not to say things like “ladies” and “girls” on-air, which can alienate some viewers.

“What about sugar mama?” Kobasky asked.

HSN partnered with Good Housekeeping magazine to launch a competition for entrepreneurs with a game-changing invention. The contest was spurred by the story of Joy Mangano, who invented the self-wringing Miracle Mop and other innovative products for the home and sold them via television retailers such as HSN and QVC. A movie about her, starring Jennifer Lawrence, was released last year.

One selected entrepreneur will be featured on HSN to introduce the winning product to the channel’s 96 million households and will be featured in Good Housekeeping, which reaches more than 25 million readers.

Don Kobasky and DRIP KROWN™ are chosen and selected to go onto HSN


2017 DRIP KROWN™ airs on (HSN) Home Shopping Network with American Dreams :

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American Dreams Drip Krown Gallon Paint Can Topper


American Dreams DRIP KROWN® Gallon Paint Can Topper Here’s the answer to those messy paint can drips and waste of paint. DRIP KROWN® snuggly fits atop all one gallon cans of paint, varnish,…


2019 DRIP KROWN™ develops a new partnership team.

New web site and marketing videos are created.

USA and International Retail brick and mortar stores are gaining interest in the patented DRIP KROWN™