The Drip Krown™ Story

As a long time, professional artist, Don Kobasky has been in and out of one-gallon paint cans on a constant basis while working on large scale canvas paintings. No matter how slowly and carefully  he worked, drippy paint would eventually clog the paint can groove, it seemed inevitable. He was tired of the constant drips, the clogged paint can groove and the spoiled, hardened paint due to the inability to properly reseal the paint can lid after use (wasted money!), a light bulb went off in his head and he decided to create a reusable device that would finally SOLVE these age-old hassles. Since no product on the market completely protects the vulnerable paint can groove from clogging. He had a vision and knew that millions of consumers shared his frustrations and that a solution was long overdue.

In 2016, the Drip Krown™ was designed as a multi-functional “ painter’s friend” that can be used with any type of paint , sealer, or varnish: it protects the groove from accumulating spilled and drippy paint, feeds any drips directly back into the can, allows consumer to pour directly from the can, and provides a unique built-in patented paint brush wiper™ which also acts as a brush holder. Sturdy, easy-to-clean, and reusable.

In 2019 Don remains focusing on his passion for painting High-Impact Oil paintings and turns the day to day sales and marketing over to Farrell and Lloyd Gerber who is very familiar in the internet and retail space for consumer products and look forward to taking Dons dream and putting the DRIP KROWN™ on every paint can top globally. All of us at DRIP KROWN™ are excited to offer a product that finally allows millions of professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers to enjoy a cleaner and easier painting experience with NO MO MESS™

We hope you’ll try out and enjoy our innovative products. 


Don Kobasky, Happy MO™ and all of us here at  DRIP KROWN™